The mission of the Gas Utility is to provide a safe and reliable gas service to Kechi residents and businesses.

Natural Gas

The City of Kechi’s gas utility was first installed in 1959. The City purchases natural gas from the Kansas Municipal Gas Association (KMGA) year-round to keep gas rates low. All gas lines and other infrastructure used to deliver or transport gas to residents and businesses are owned and maintained by the City of Kechi. The Public Works Department reads gas meters, responds to leak calls, repairs gas services and mains and installs new service connections. 

What do I do if I suspect a gas leak? 

If you think that you smell gas inside your home, please leave the residence. Make sure to not turn on or off any electronics and to not shuffle your feet as you leave. Once outside immediately call The City of Kechi at (316) 744-9287. The City will send someone out to check for leaks 24 hours a day, 7 days a weak. There is no charge for gas leak response. 

Carbon Monoxide

Signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning may include:

-Dull headache



-Nausea or vomiting

-Shortness of Breath


-Blurred vision

-Loss of consciousness

If you think you have any of these symptoms, please get to fresh air and call 911 or The City of Kechi to come test for Carbon Monoxide.