The mission of the Wastewater Utility is to provide a reliable and safe waste water service for Kechi residents.  

Wastewater System

The City of Kechi has historically used sewer lagoons to process its wastewater, then in 2004, the City decided to add sewer lines and tie into the City of Wichita for all its wastewater needs. The City of Kechi Wastewater System is comprised of services and main lines. These mains either run directly to where it ties into Wichita wastewater or into the 1 lift station that city employees operate. Then from there into Wichita wastewater lines.

 Lift station

The City of Kechi lift station has two pumps that alternate pump cycles to transport raw sewage out of Kechi. The biggest part of running the lift station is cleaning debris out of the pumps. Things such as wet wipes, grease and hair are the main culprits in down time for the lift station. Please dispose of these items in the trash instead of flushing them down the drain to increase the efficiency of the lift station.