The mission of the Water Utility is to provide high quality, safe, potable drinking water to the residents and business of Kechi.

Water Treatment & Water Lines

The City of Kechi has purchased its water from the City of Wichita since 1983. As a wholesale water customer, Kechi purchases clean water product from Wichita and pumps it through the water system to residents and businesses. Once the water is in the city main it is the responsibility of the Public Works Department to make sure the water remains clean and safe to drink. This is done by daily water testing by utility staff.

All mains and services on the City side of the meter are maintained and fixed by the utility staff. All new water services and meters are installed by utility staff. Staff is also tasked with the reading of water meters each month. Fire hydrants are also replaced and repaired by utility staff.

 The 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act requires that cities provide citizens with an annual report. This report is designed to inform the public about the quality of the water and services we deliver to the residents and businesses every day. The City of Kechi utility staff routinely monitors and test your water quality according to Federal and State Laws. Our constant objective is to provide the citizens of Kechi with clean, safe and dependable source of drinking water. 

Consumer Confidence Report

View the most current Consumer Confidence Report (PDF).