Zoning & Subdivision

Zoning and Subdivision activities are part of the Administration Department. The Zoning and Subdivision Administrator is responsible for regulatory review of all zoning and subdivision issues to ensure compliance with the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Please contact the Zoning and Subdivision Administrator before starting a project to ensure proper processes and applications are fulfilled.

Zoning Duties

  • Assists applicants and processes cases
  • Maintains public records of the:
  • Receives, files, and forwards the applications and records for all amendments and conditional uses to the Planning Commission which makes recommendations to the City Council; variances and appeals to the Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Issues and reviews all zoning permits for approval or denial

Subdivision Duties

  • Informs applicants of procedures required for subdivision approval and vacations
  • Provides application forms and other administrative forms to facilitate the process
  • Receives and establishes files for all:
    • Final plats for small tracts, lot splits, and vacations
    • Final plats
    • Preliminary plats
    • Replats
    • Sketch plans
  • Forwards copies of the preliminary plat and final plats for small tracts to other appropriate governmental agencies and public and private utilities providers for their comments and recommendations
  • Determines the adequacy of the information submitted as suitable for distribution
  • Reviews and compiles a list of comments on all preliminary plats and final plats
  • Forwards sketch plans, preliminary plats, final plats and lot splits to the Planning Commission for their consideration
  • Serves as an assistant to the Planning Commission on the review of:
    • Easement
    • Lot splits
    • Plats
    • Rights-or-way
    • Sketch plans
    • Vacation of plats
    • Other public reservations
  • Conveys the decisions of the Planning Commission to applicants

Flood Plain Duties

  • Provides floodplain maps when needed or requested
  • Reviews floodplain applications when proposed work is to be done in the floodplain